Things That Make You Go ‘Aaaarrrrrrrrgh’

How many times have you been out somewhere and seen a sign with a mistake in it? It’s Monday night as I write this, and over the weekend that just passed, I saw three egregious errors, two on signs and one in a web site.
The first one I saw is pictured to the left. When is the last time you ate a Doritio? Seems to me that brand names should be checked pretty carefully before a sign like this goes up.
The next one I saw was on a sign for an oil company. I was driving along a busy road, so I couldn’t stop to take a picture. But the sign read as follows: “Is your home a energy drain?” I cringed.
Finally, I was perusing a web site on Sunday and came across this: “The following documents will be excepted as proof of identity.” Another cringe-worthy moment.
What are some of the crazier errors you’ve seen in your travels? Feel free to share!

Have you seen signs with errors when you’ve been out around town?